You can find me on Twitter @KateWalker1982 (which I’m pretty new at!) but here’s a quick overview of the things I do.


I’m a Communications and Projects officer for Buckinghamshire County Council and have worked in local government for almost nine years across a number of areas.

My role involves a bit of all things comms! Research, strategy and delivery of campaigns across a number of areas and platforms.

Ahhhhh!! 200ft too many on this drop!

Ahhhhh!! 200ft too many on this drop!

I’m passionate about what I do and love working in local government on campaigns that will make a difference. People are what matter to me most and I love getting to the heart of issues and figuring out how to have impact.

Personal and Home

I live with my husband, son and daughter in my hometown of Aylesbury. Family is a huge part of my life and a lot of what I write will be influenced by my role as a mum and our family life in the modern day.

I love putting the world to rights with my beloved brothers and sisters (or arguing as my Dad calls it – Mum just joins in!) and as one of 9 this can get a bit noisy! I love Christmas, chocolate, the feeling you get when you’ve been for a run (not necessarily the actual running itself!) and a glass of wine with friends.

I’ve also recently taken up snapping away with my DSLR whenever I get the chance, much to the disappointment of my camera shy husband who hates it when I take 2 hours on a 30 minutes walk or constantly have the lens in his face! However I’m pretty chuffed I’ve managed to get off of the auto function and can navigate Lightroom (a bit!). I really do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and strive to conquer this sometime before I die! However in the meantime I might share a snap or two which will mainly consist of my family – or anyone who’ll let me take hundreds of snaps to get a decent shot!


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